Craftsman, working with the latest technology can only be packaging perfection.


We make your packaging solution easy.

We will take care of your job from the moment we are given the opportunity, right until it lands in your warehouse floor. From meticulous prepress file checking, to state of the art printing we ensure excellent, consistent quality. We understand that packaging is the face of your brand and its extremely important that it reflects the quality product that is inside. 

Every job is unique and we understand that. Our packaging is tailor made to suit your product and to meet your unique needs and specifications. Forbes has a rich history in supplying cardboard packaging to a range of industries for over fifty years. We're the granddaddy of all things packaging, just talk to us and we'll get you sorted.


Ensure your product has some shelf cred.

First impressions count. On shelf it is the packaging of your product that will set it apart from the rest. At Forbes Packaging we specialize in processes to give it some instant shelf stand out. Whether you are looking for a plain carton, simple printed designs or something a bit more sophisticated, we can do it. Our sales team will happily guide you through the innovation process for the development of new packaging, or would love the opportunity to quote on existing packaging. We’re extremely passionate about what we do and thrive on the results we achieve for our clients.



Forbes’s beginnings stem from foiling which remain a very important part of the service we offer. Foil of various colors can significantly enhance the design of your packaging.



The embossing or de-bossing of images and logos or images on your packaging can also further enhance it.

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The right coating can help protect the printed piece or add a creative dimension. Matte or satin varnishes or coatings are the best choices for un-coated stocks. We can also offer special varnishes options such as spot coating, soft touch finish or sandlac finish.

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Using late model flat bed die cutters, quality is achieved with high precision and accuracy.



We can offer straight line glue, crash base glue , Geitz or clam shell style gluing, window patching, 4 & 6 corner gluing.


Impeccable packaging directly impacts the success of your product.



Where it all began.

Forbes Enterprises as it was called back then, was established in 1959 by Colin Forbes. Initially work was built around things like foil blocking the insides of shoes and plastic caps. From there a reputation was built around high quality, highly embelished cardboard packaging.

Forbsey’s passing in 1987 signaled the next chapter in this history of the company, where it was bought by printer Martin Farrand and his wife Christine, who remain the owners till this day. Ironically six months after the Farrand’s acquired Forbes Enterprises Ltd, the market crashed in October of 1987. This has not been the end of the company however, which has, under Martin’s leadership, since grown to boast an extensive wealth of knowledge, practical experience and innovation in cardboard packaging.

Forbes Packaging as it is now called, remains a kiwi, family owned business however it also represents a family in itself, most of the staff at Forbes have been employed for anywhere between 5-25 years (depending on their own age of course!). We are proud of the team here and Forbes and their longevity demonstrates the reliability, expertise and loyalty you can expect from us here at Forbes Packaging.