Health & Safety



  Well Done

As from 9/12/2015 we have passed our ACC Workplace Safety Management Practices audit
and achieved a Tertiary grading.

So a big thank you to all for keeping the factory and offices neat and tidy, for taking part in
the Toolbox talks and for reporting injuries and hazards.

Hopefully all this will help us to have a safer and healthier work environment.

Special thanks to Catherine to keep us on the straight and narrow H&S path.


Heres a little poem to get you in the Christmas spirit…

‘Twas the night before Christmas and at the Claus place

Old Santa was angry and turning red in the face,

“Who used my sled and brought it back, broke?

Dancer and Prancer, I’m in NO mood for your jokes!”


“Honey,” answered Mrs Claus, with calm and a slight grin,

“the elves were out earlier, joyriding again.

The sled’s beaten up and the reins are a hard to shift,

So for this Christmas Eve, you must take the FORKLIFT.


I’ll ask Father Time to put a hold on the clock

To give you time to get everywhere—here to Bangkok.

Driving a forklift isn’t like steering your sled

And if you’re not careful, you could wind up dead!


“The first thing you should do is check out your ride

Look over and under and around every side.

Unlike your sled and deer, forklifts must be driven slow

So you don’t lose control and end up 6 foot below.


Your stopping time is longer; but it could save your life

as your tailend swing could get you in strife.

Now Santa, I know it’s a lot to remember in a dash

But you are OSH certified, and you know the dangers of a crash!”


Santa stood up and smiled.  His face was less red.

He had listened to everything Mrs Claus had said.

He was jolly and happy, back to his old self.

And no longer mad at the mischievous elf.


He checked the forklift over, under, and side to side,

Loaded the toys and prepared for his ride.

Just before Santa took off on the dark, starry night,

He exclaimed, “I’ll be careful and return safely tonight!”