forbes-historyForbes Packaging overview

Forbes Packaging was established in 1959 by Colin Forbes and was purchased by Martin Farrand, a previous employee, in 1987. From this time to the present, the company has maintained its core business in the area of cardboard packaging, capable of specialising in high quality folding cartons and associated cardboard products. Forbes now employees around 50 staff, supplying packaging throughtout New Zealand, and offshore.

Colin Forbes

Colin Forbes was born July 1927 in West Australia so always referred to himself as a Sand groper.Whilst working as a print estimator Colin would spend a lot of time watching the machines to try and learn how they were run. For whatever reason Colin found himself unemployed so went into business on his own. Getting his first order in 1959 and establishing Forbes Enterprises the following year.

Colin was very loud and gruff in personality calling a spade a spade usually in a very loud voice using colorful language regardless of who was in earshot. Later when Colin and wife Kathy setup the bar restaurant in Kauai, He was renowned for the abuse he would give the customers. Many of them saw this as entertainment and went back for more. He would only accept cash claiming that if you needed to use a credit card you could not afford to be there. Upon receiving a dinner booking from a gentleman giving his name as Doctor Smith, Colin barked, Smith will do you mate we are all the same around here.

During the mid 80s Colin contracted a rare blood disorder which put him on a slippery slope, complaining that he hated the fact he felt bad and knew he would never get better. It did not slow the whiskey intake however
about-forbesand during negotiations with Martin regarding buying the then struggling business Forbes Enterprises, Forbsey died on his 60th birthday. Some say he had lived for 120 years because of the pace he would go at everything.

Martin Farrand

Anyone that knows  Martin knows he’s a character. Renowned for his uniform of boat shoes (topsiders), shorts and a Logan polo, Martin has generally managed to avoid the slick suits of management and still on occasion likes to get his hands dirty  among the various departments in the factory. A printer by trade Martin had previous involvement with then called- Forbes Enterprises from around the mid seventies before buying the company in 1987. Martin also enjoys building and flying small aircraft, classic motorbikes among other things, however his long-winded passion for classic yachts (the Scout in particular) and sailing definitely takes the greater portion of his leisure time!